About Us

Rick Haley started American Water Systems in 2001 and still owns and runs the business. He’s been involved in the water well industry since 1989. Rick’s background includes stints in sales, installation, service, and purchasing, so his expertise extends to pretty much every facet of the industry.

Rick’s father was a builder, and he’s inherited an enthusiasm for getting hands-on. He believes strongly in doing top-quality work and doing it for a price the customer can afford.

Also, Rick loves dogs. When you do business with AWS, you’ll likely get to meet our mascot. She’s the real boss of the outfit and goes on a lot of our service calls. She loves people, dogs, and swimming (if you need to know if a body of water is fun for dogs to swim in, she’s an expert in making that determination, and offers that service for free).

Caasey the dog at the drivers wheel